20 years of Karma Koma

Karma Koma is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and we take a look back at the history of this incredible adventure between Corsica and Bali.

It all began in 2002

When Laurence Appietto Raffaelli, the designer, revisited and marketed her first pair of Thai trousers in her boutique in Porto-Vecchio. Two years later, the Karma Koma brand was created and officially launched.

An invitation to travel

Laurence imagines collections that reflect her personality and imposes her very own style, creating a unique identity in the world of fashion. Each piece is an invitation to travel through her research into materials, colours and cuts, where the bare back becomes a real signature.

Building a strong community

Karma Koma quickly became a community, like a big family, made up of all the people who had the pleasure of growing up alongside her and sharing the same values. The brand is constantly evolving, and Laurence is constantly striving to bring novelty and quality to each of her collections.

Iconic and timeless designs

Karma Koma's identity is a reflection of its creator, marked by travel, encounters and femininity. At the heart of her inspiration are two island lands that are dear to her heart. Corsica, for its authentic spirit, reflected in its clean, simple lines, and Bali, for its warmth and rich, spicy colours.





To mark this anniversary, the brand is unveiling a new artistic direction highlighting the ‘retro pop’ style and spirit of Karma Koma.

Stay tuned as we celebrate 20 years of style with some great events!