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  • There’s no Karma Koma without a belt! The DOUBLE RING is a leather belt with two simple rings allowing the waistline to be adjusted. This basic model is adapted to most trouser loops and can be worn to blouse out a top, a dress or a tunic. Once tied up, the belt can be flipped over to hide the leather part.

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  • A basic model, this leather belt adjusts to most trouser loops. It can also come as an accessory to match a dress or a suit. Closes with a nail.

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  • There’s no proper Karma Koma look without a belt! The ELASTIC BELT is a wide waistline belt with braided details and an elastic band in the back. The thin buckle is not adjustable. This model can be worn over a dress or a suit, or around a jacket or a gilet.

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  • This belt can be worn in many different ways. Made of a classic belt and a larger removable piece, it can go through the loops on most trousers or be worn at waist height to match a dress or a suit.

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  • This leather belt can be worn in many different ways. Actually, the buckle can be worn in the front or in the back. Also, the leather part is made of three interwoven ties. Ideal to tighten a dress or a suit, this piece can be worn at waist or hip height.

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