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  • AGNES velvet trousers are a new version of traditional carrot trousers for an utmost glamorous look. Tightened up thanks to an elastic band fitted inside, it offers gathers at the waist to enhance your silhouette. Its 7/8 cut, adjusted at the bottom, gives a slender look. It may be worn with shirts or pullovers, with pumps, boots or trainers for a chic,...

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  • A chic restyling of Thai trousers by Karma Koma! This model reuses the codes for very first piece by Karma Koma. An elegant touch makes this basic even more modern. The long removable belt may be used casually or in a more formal way. The low crotch and the asymmetrical fold at the zip are also references to the original Thai cut.

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  • ERI are darted trousers with chevrons. This model offers a masculine cut thanks to its carrot shape. Large at the hips and thighs, it is tighter at the calves. Two free folds at belt height give it some thickness.Piping pockets in the back, and 2 pockets on the front.

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  • The PASCALE carrot trousers’ originality lies in their belt. An elastic band inside allows to enhance the waistline and give a spectacular gather rendering on the hips. It has two pockets and its cut is straight and fitted. Whether it be worn with loafers, trainers or heels, these pants will never prove you wrong.

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  • These ultra-glamorous trousers are a masterpiece in Karma Koma's K collection. Offering a second-skin effect thanks to soft leather, it is fitted out with buttons on the calves and a diagonal cut for thighs.

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  • These original leather trousers can be worn at the waist or above. It offers a mixed masculine/feminine style thanks to its straight cut and its 7/8 falling. This may be worn with a sweater for a casual look or with a maxi décolleté flowing top for an even more sensual look.The waistline can be tightened up thanks to a leather braided tie.It also has...

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  • These original trousers are an emblem of Karma Koma’s K collection! It offers a straight cut fitted at thighs height and low crotch for loose wearing. A suede belt can be knotted thanks to two ties ending with pompoms. It is positioned thanks to loops.The zip is hidden thanks to a diagonal fold that brings the piece its originality. An elegant detail is...

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