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Between Corsica and Bali, incredible ties are forged which are perhaps born of their shared love of nature, their authenticity, their thirst for freedom, the simplicity of their way of life and the asserted pride of their identity. so unique...

H2. Titre bloc secondaire

Since 2004 Karma Koma has been dressing all women with fluid, airy and comfortable materials... Plain fabrics with powerful colors that have forged the identity of the brand. The original Karma Koma creations, with the bare back as common thread, are designed by the Corsican designer Laurence Raffaelli and made in Balinese artisan workshops. Each piece is the work of a craftsman and represents many hours of work..

Our workshop

His story is so closely linked to that of Karma Koma that it is unthinkable to separate them. Laurence met Taro, our tailor, by chance, but she speaks of it as a love at first sight, both friendly and professional. Their relationship was thus built on mutual understanding and deep respect. Taro and its workshops have thus developed, at the pace of Karma Koma, growing little by little, with common values, respecting the craftsmen who make the pieces that sublimate you.

Island and solar, their evocation alone reveals a unique imagination, of escape and relaxation, out of sight, off the beaten track and away from the noise of the world...

Attention to detail

The finishes of a large number of pieces are made by hand, bringing a unique side to the garment. The leathers, certain knits, chain details and other hems are meticulously assembled, knitted or sewn by hand in our workshops... This allows the implementation of specific processes, achievable only by human hand, such as seams not visible on the outside of the garment.

“ Our leather, python or lace pieces are carefully selected... each yoke is chosen from the most qualitative parts of the material... ”

H2. Titre bloc secondaire

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