Clothing brand for women, bohemian and sensual

Karma Koma is much more than a brand, it’s an identity. Original collections are thought and designed by Laurence Appietto Raffaelli, originally from Corsica, Balinese by adoption. An invitation to travel, enhanced by stylished details. An unrivalled fashion concept, unique in Corsica.

It was in 2003, during a trip in Bali, inspired by several meetings there, that Laurence Appietto Raffaelli create her first design : a restyled Thai pant, that she is going to put on sale in her multi-brand shop  in Porto-Vecchio. And success is on the cards ! Thus, the idea to create Karma Koma became obvious, with a natural desire to offer women refined, feminine styles in flowing fabrics with plain colors.

Today, Karma Koma, that’s fifteen shops spread between Corsica and the mainland, one website, and two seasonal collections, one in summer, the other in winter.

Karma Koma, in the image of its creator, is a charming blend of travels, meetings and feminity. She draws her inspiration from two outstanding islands. Corsica for its authentic spirit that is to be found in our plain and refined lines, and Bali both for its warmth and its vibrant, spicy colors.

Every collection naturally contains all the brand stylistic codes : long dresses, suits bare back, low necklines are the brand fundamentals and combine voluptuous and flowing fabrics. Whole of our styles are timeless, sensual and comfortable, the brand signature. Over the past few years, our collections have been reshaped and the fashion guidance became more sophisticated. Low-cut necklines now combine small chains, lace and leather yokes, so as to give to our clothing this unique fashion style.

But, what’s a woman without accessories ? Laurence captured it by offering a full range of leather goods : bags, pockets, belts, purses and shoes made of leathers selected with great care and designed in the purest spirit of Karma Koma.