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  • The JOSE leather loafers are a woman’s timeless item. Thanks to a leather yoke on the shoes' fronts, their nice garnet color and their varnished leather make them all the more original. These will perk up our autumnal looks.

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  • These classic-shaped Dany derbies are a must-have for women going to work or just going out. With their fine laces and a 1-cm heel, they will match your outfit and ensure elegance.

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  • These classic-cut pointed pumps offer a discreet originality lying in the side cut making up an angle. This ultra-chic suede model will match elegant dresses as well as jeans or suits.

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  • These leather boots and their laces are an unmissable fashion item. Their originality lies in the two pairs of laces: a cotton one for a real rock style, and a velvet one to break up the look and add a more romantic trend.

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