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  • Comfort and warmth, the IBU shirt is a loose sweater that has all it takes! This model has the advantage of matching any outfit, making it an unmissable in wardrobes. With jeans, leather trousers or even a pencil skirt, it will bring a casual touch to your look. This loose sweater with its falling armholes offers a straight cut with a vertical seam down...

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  • The CLEMENT sweater offers an original version of the traditional sweater with its large cut and high neck.  Its two ties on each sleeve allow them to be pulled back and give them a gathered aspect, thus the sweater looks more sophisticated. This is an item for everyday, ideally worn with trainers or boots in wintertime.

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  • The NOUGARO sweater is a restyling of the traditional sweater with an original shape, puff sleevees and a loose cut. Its crew neck makes the look wiser and will keep you warm all through the season. It may be tucked into a short dress or simply worn with trousers and trainers for a faultless winter look.

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  • The NICKY sweater is a restyling of the classic sweater offering a short oversized cut. Its very large sleeves have an elastic bottom, so does the waistline which makes it look somehow puffed-out. It can be worn with trousers or a high waistline skirt.

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  • This original sweater offers a refined and structured cut. Slightly tightened up at waist height thanks to darts, it offers low arm holes, a rounded collar and an elastic band in the back for a wrinkled effect.Rayon lining, tone-on-tone silk effect.

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  • It will ensure comfort and warmth for cold winter days! But that's not it. The OKI sweater also contains several details. Long-sleeved sweater with end of sleeves yokes, draped scooped neck and large front fold.

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  • The EDEN sweater is a restyling of the classic oversized sweater offering sleeves that remain large all the way down to the wrists. With a nice round collar and a fold down the back, it will undoubtedly become your season’s best seller. Worn with a skirt or slim-fit trousers, this is the efficient and simple piece in your wardrobe.

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