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  • This ultra original model is fits really well. The shirt cut top offers long sleeves, hidden buttonholes, a shirt’s collar and wrists, a pocket on the chest and a very particular detail which is a free part sticking out of the suit's belt.  The back is fitted with an opening from the shirt’s collar, closing at the back’s bottom thanks to a crossing...

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  • The AGNES trouser suit grasps the Karma Koma identity by offering a deep, V-shaped bare back. The waist stands out thanks to an elastic fitted inside the item, which makes the silhouette look finer, and it is prolonged by carrot trousers with pockets, close to the body for a longer leg rendering. The velvet fabric obviously gives the item an original and...

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  • The PASCALE trouser suit reuses the Karma Koma codes with a nice V-shaped bare back and a front crew neck. Tightened up by an elastic band inside, the waist offers a nice effect with gathers right above the hips, making silhouettes thinner. These carrot trousers are fitted at their bottom. Two pockets. This is an ideal suit for a night out if matching...

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  • The ANGE suit offers a winter and sportswear version of the trouser suit. Its light V-neck ends in a zip on the torso. Its elastic waist is here to highlight your silhouette. The trousers can be adjusted to make legs look taller. At Karma Koma, we don’t hesitate to wear pumps to alter the look and create a trendy sporty chic mix look.

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  • The DANY trouser suit is the ultra chic item in your ward robe. Its high neck is fitted with a zip that goes down the chest adding a trendy sportswear look. With its shiny sleeves moulding the shoulders, its dual-fabric effect is the glamorous detail that boosts the outfit. Its waistline is elastic so that the silhouette is enhanced and is prolonged by...

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  • This leather suit is a masterpiece in Karma Koma's K collection! These restyled and refined overalls offer fitted slim-cut and wide V-shaped back braces. This piece has a full rayon lining giving a cumin-coloured silk effect, thus you can roll back the trousers for a bi-colour rendering and a more casual look.

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