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  • This winter's bodies will warm up outfits and bring your looks some sensuality. The EIMI tulle body has a high neck and always moulds your silhouette. Thanks to its transparency, a heart-shape princess cut on the chest lets show shoulders, arms, neck and back. This second-skin effect body is ideal to complete a look with a dress or a bare back suit.It...

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  • An original mesh piece, the ISAO body offers an oversized cut with a tighter waistline. Originality: its 3/4 sleeves are bat-wing shaped, its collar is round in the front and deep V-shaped in the back. It opens thanks to snaps located at the crotch.Detail: neck and sleeve edges are ribbed, underpants made of a thinner elastane material.

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  • The KAORI body ensures femininity and glamour. This close-fitting lace piece offers long sleeves and a V-shaped décolleté. It also contains underwear and lining on the torso, tummy and chest, thus making up an original matter play. The lace back is totally transparent for a sensual effect. This piece will ideally match pullovers with décolleté backs. It...

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  • The DANY body creates a shadow play on your skin with its transparencies. All made of tulle, the sleeves, the collar and the back part, all in a V-cut, will be clear. The rest of the body has lining. This is a rocky and glamorous piece, ideal for your evenings with a dress or high waistline trousers. It can also be worn under a décolleté pullover or with...

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